As a technology entrepreneur, I build multiple technology companies over the last decade. Doing a business involves a lot of stress and responsibility.

🦄 Four years ago I got into burn out doing a startup in San Francisco and since then I been meditating at least 1 hour per day. I got deep into the teaching of Gautama Buddha reading and practicing suttas. 

💡 I combine meditation with everyday life building tech companies, writing code, leading people, and leave a healthy life. 

👉 My teaching brings great results in

  • Better focus
  • Reducing stress
  • Persistence
  • Being in a flow
  • Listening to your intuition
  • Better sleep
  • Develop emotional intelligence

🔥 I don’t burn out anymore. I teach the art of living – achieving great results with peace and harmony inside keeping the entrepreneurship approach. 

🙏 I meditate every day and my app says I have 1200 hours of meditation.  I can’t wait another 40 years to achieve my 10 000 hours. I have to share. This is my way to serve. 

Would you like to learn how to integrate mindfulness meditation to become more productive?

How to meditate

🎢 We are going into the journey to discover our peace and harmony. 

🎈 The first part is to calm down your body and mind.  I will provide guiding instructions on what to do and where to focus.  You will be sitting cross legs, using a chair or laying down – the main condition is to have your back straight and do not fall asleep so you can continue the practice. 

❤️ The second stage Metta – the state of unconditional love for everything. This brings joy and happiness to you live. Give great results in a better understanding of other human beings which influences your family relationships, co-workers’ experience, and friends interactions. 

🎯 During the sitting, we will train 

  • focus by bringing back our mind to the object of observation
  • consistency by having strong determination on not moving by the end of the session
  • state of bliss by focusing on the state of unconditional love and gratitude

Just Give

without expecting anything in return

What to learn how to get into work-life balance?

The key here is to implement mediation on a daily basis. I offer a 21-days course with meditation sessions, guidance and regular calls.